It’s Happening – We Are Moving to our Home!


The day we have been praying for and working toward is upon us.

On April 3rd, just two Sundays from now, we will hold our first services in our permanent home at 3715 Silver Ave SE!! Our new service times will be 8:30 am and 10:30 am. And we will have Kids Ministry for both services. Please invite your friends and family to join us for this great occasion.

Not only are we crossing a finish line on April 3rd, but in many ways, we will cross a starting line too. Yes, we are going to be in our permanent home that we have worked so hard to get into, but we will also begin the marathon of faithful ministry, by treasuring the gospel of Jesus Christ through gospel witness, care, and service to our neighborhood and one another for, God willing, many decades.

In so many ways this is a story of redemption for our church and that building. 3715 Silver Avenue housed faithful Christians for many decades before it closed its doors in 2014. It then became a place of darkness and a detriment to the community. In the last year we have retaken the name City on a Hill and restored that building, desiring to be a local church that brings the light of Jesus Christ to the darkness of our beautiful, yet broken-by-sin, city.

Friends, I am so hopefully expectant for all the Lord has in store for us. It will not be easy – there will be challenges – but the glory of the Lord Jesus and his work in the lives of those who will come to know him, grow in him, and have their legacies changed by him is worth our all.

To him who has been faithful to us in the past, is faithful to us in the present, and will be faithful to us in the future, be glory and honor and power now and forevermore. For our great joy and his glory over every square inch of creation. Amen

In Christ,
Pastor Ryan

P.S. Moving day will be next Sunday (3/27). If you are an able-bodied person in our church, please be at 3715 Silver Ave at 3 pm on Sunday March 27th for our move. We are hoping to have most things moved by 5 pm. If you have a truck or trailer, please bring that too.
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