What to Expect at the Lobo Theatre


This Sunday marks the opening of a new chapter for our church. City on a Hill rides again! We will meet in the Lobo Theater (3013 Central Ave NE) for one 10 am service. Over the summer months we will keep to this same rhythm as we await the completion of renovations at our new home of 3715 Silver Ave SE.

Please keep in mind the Lobo Theater is a TEMPORARY location that serves other uses outside of our presence on Sunday mornings. As such, some aspects of a usual Sunday service will be a bit less than polished, but will still meet the needs of our church.

Below is more information and additional details:

Parking: Street parking is your best bet. We will open a conversation with some of the businesses/schools in the area to use their parking lots on Sunday morning but as of this Sunday 6/6, we don’t have anything in place.

Service: begins at 10:00 am. We have the whole lower floor available to us in the Lobo Theater. Some of the restrooms are currently under construction but there are definitely facilities available for us to use.

Livestream: There will be no livestream while we are at the Lobo Theater. Most of our audio/visual system is set up/tear down and we don’t have the capability to livestream as we did at 4700 San Mateo.

Safety: Our safety team leader Luther Shelly has met with security professionals to walk through the building and kids’ space to develop a plan for both he and the safety team volunteers so we can safely meet together.

Kids: Jess Kennedy and her team have been working hard to create systems and structure for your children. Here is a link to a video showing you where to go when you arrive to check your kids in:

There will be a drop off area for families in front of the Lobo. Please note that children must be accompanied by a parent so if you are arriving on your own with your children, park your car and walk to the kids check in area. Follow the partition to the door between Buffalo Exchange and Zinc Wine Bar. At the top of the stairs you will be able to check your children in. Then accompany them to their classrooms and head back down to the Lobo for service. You will still pick them up after the sermon so please have your check-in tag with you when it's time to pick them up. Then, you may all return to the Lobo together for worship and the close of service.

Jesus: Still alive, still on the throne, the same yesterday, today, and forever and his Gospel, the one we treasure, is still changing lives (ours included).

Looking forward to worshiping with you all at the Lobo this Sunday!

In Christ,
Pastor Ryan






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