North Church Weekly Wrap Up - May 10th - May 16th


The biggest and best news I have for you this week is that we are preparing to hold in-person services again!!! In-person services will kick back off on Sunday, May 24th. 

We are working behind the scenes to work out the details so that we can hold services safely. Stay tuned to the communication channels for the church this week so you can prepare for our re-opening next Sunday, May 24th. We will still have an online service for those of you who choose not to, or can't gather immediately.

Let your conscience guide you in making the decision to come back to in-person services. We understand that there are hundreds of different situations that people are dealing with and will offer an online and live service for quite a while longer to accommodate those situations.

For this week though, we'll still hold services online only. Our normal services are at 9 am or 11 am on Sunday! Please join us for them virtually by checking out*. If you have issues with the platform, head straight to or to our YouTube Channel and the full service will be there.

The resources for holding Ninos (Kids Ministry) in your home for your children are HERE. Pastor Jay and Jess have published a great resource for keeping your kiddos engaged while church services are going on. You can access it HERE.

*The elders will be available to chat and to pray for you at the platform.

Weekly Wrap Up


Last Sunday's Service - Micah 6:9-16 (Faithless Futility)
Nino’s Resources 

All Church Communication

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North Church Weekly Wrap Up (May 3rd-May 9th)

Prayer Meetings

Daily on Zoom -
Password: Jesus

MondayGreg12:00 pm
TuesdayNathan7:00 am
WednesdayBob7:00 pm
ThursdayJay12:00 pm
FridayRyan10:00 am
SaturdayKenyon1:00 pm

Local Businesses Associated with North Church

In an effort to support local businesses associated with the church (Gal 6:10), we are gathering information so you might be able to support them during this time. Please add local business information you are connected with either through family relations, friendships, etc. to the list and, if you are able, please consider supporting these establishments.

Local Business List

Daily Devotionals

May 11 - God's Glory Manifested Highlights Our Weak and Fallen Nature
May 13 - God's Glory Manifested Encourages Our Obedience
May 15 - God's Glory Manifested Leads To Worship

Family Worship Resources

Family Devotions Blog Post with Resources
Ninos @ North Church Facebook Page
Family Resource - Keeping Children Engaged During Home Church
New City Catechism 

Ways to Stay Connected

Email - 

Community Service

If you need help – Click Here
If you can help – Click Here

A final word:

As we begin to regather let's be kind to one another. People are all over the spectrum as far as how comfortable they are with re-gathering for many, many different reasons. Let kindness be our outward expression of love for one another.

I pray for you daily.

In Christ,
Pastor Ryan






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