Join Us For Vision Night!


This year's Vision Night will mark the beginning of a monumental time in our church’s history. We are set to embark on a two-year endeavor beginning tomorrow night (Wednesday, the14th). Join your family, friends, and the rest of our church community as we gather to worship the Lord Jesus, hear the exciting and encouraging direction our church is heading, and learn the new location for our church, which we will move to in 2021.

We will begin the night at our current location, 4700 San Mateo; childcare will be provided for potty trained 3 year olds and up starting at 6:15 pm on a first come first served basis and will follow the same safe gathering guidelines as for Sunday morning. You can also livestream this portion of the Vision Night on our YouTube channel. After the first part of the evening, you are all invited to join us as we travel to our new building for a tour and to pray for the upcoming endeavor, for our church, and for the faith to follow where Jesus is leading us. If you make use of the childcare tomorrow night, please pick your kids up before heading over to the new location. There will not be childcare for the remainder of the evening at the new building.

The other elders and I are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow evening!

In Christ,
Pastor Ryan






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