Through the New Testament in 70 Days!

Hey Church!

If you were at service today, you would have heard that we are endeavoring to read through the New Testament together as a whole church body this Fall.

Here’s how it will work:

Beginning September 13th, Monday-Friday there will be 3-5 assigned chapters of the New Testament to read each day. As you read, if something stands out to you or impacts you, I encourage you to go to the online discussion group and share under that day’s heading. The online discussion group will be moderated by the elders.

As we go through this reading, if you’d like to get together with a group of friends from the church to talk through how the Lord is working in you through this reading and to open your Bibles together, please do. If you’d like to lead a group like this and want to open it to other people to join you, please contact Pastor Greg ( so we can make your group details available on the discussion group.

We hope that while we are unable to host classes and ongoing men’s and women’s ministry events this Fall, you will still be able to be shaped, encouraged, and grown in your faith through reading Scripture together.

We will have cards with the reading plan on it available each Sunday, or you can request one be sent to you by e-mailing Pastor Jay at You can also access the reading plan at this LINK.

I look forward to beholding all that the Lord will do in our church during this time.

In Christ,
Pastor Ryan






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