New Ministry Opportunities!

Hello friends,

Last Sunday we held part 2 of our Neighborhood Assessment meetings.

For those of you who don’t know, for the last 11 months a group of volunteers from our church has been working with an organization called “Seed to Oaks” to conduct a deep study of our church and our new neighborhood in Nob Hill. As a result of that deep study, which you can access HERE, the team cross-referenced the strengths of the congregants of our church with the needs of our neighborhood and proposed that we, as a church body, engage in four different ministry areas:

  • UNM/College Ministry
  • Community Events
  • Homelessness
  • Public Schools

Over 55 people attended Sunday’s meeting – which was so incredibly encouraging – and now we want to invite you to be involved in the next steps.

Please be in prayer, asking the Lord to direct your heart in the areas you could serve. Listed below are the names of those who volunteered to coordinate theses ministries as they get started, their contact information, and the next meeting time for those specific outreach programs.

Please reach out to the coordinators, introduce yourself, learn more details about what the plan is as it relates to these new ministries, and get involved in the exciting work the Lord is doing at City on a Hill Church.

In Christ,
Pastor Ryan

  • Shawn Weeks:
  • Katarina Hernandez:
  • Next meeting: last week of February (no specific date set)

Community Involvement/Events:
  • Amber Weeks:
  • Next meeting: February 6 afternoon (by Zoom or equivalent)

  • Natalie Herr:
  • Next meeting: February 27 at 2pm, location TBD

Public Schools:
  • Bob Paulsen:
  • Next meeting: week of Feb 10 (no specific date set)






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