Join Us for Advanced Commitment Night This Wednesday! (Nov 11)


As we prepare to move into our first ever permanent location, the call has gone out to you, those who call North Church home, to endeavor together to see the light of the Gospel brought to the darkness of our city.

This Wednesday, November 11th at 6:30 pm, we will fill our new location at 3715 Silver Ave SE, with prayer, praise, and preaching for the first time. These sounds have not filled that building for over six years and we as a church have not worshipped together in Nob Hill for over eight years.

At this service, attendees will commit to our church’s generosity endeavor for the next two years by placing their Commitment Card into the First Light Giving Box. We aren’t asking people to announce their finances or make a big show, the idea is for those who attend to prayerfully consider and physically write down what a two-year financial commitment to the church looks like. Your elders will lead out by placing their Commitment Cards for the future of our church in the Giving Box and attendees will follow.

If you don’t feel comfortable attending the service, but would still like to make an advanced commitment, the building will be open from 4 pm - 6 pm with a few pastors there to welcome you and show you around the building as you make your commitment to generosity.

If you can’t make it to Advanced Commitment Night this Wednesday, on Sunday November 22nd will be our church-wide Commitment Sunday (at our current location on San Mateo). At this service, the congregation as a whole, will prayerfully consider and write down their two-year financial commitment to the church, much like what will happen on Advanced Commitment Night.

Here are some logistical details for Advanced Commitment Night:

-               Dress warm, the building has no functioning heat
-               The service will run for 45-60 minutes
-               There will be no childcare
-               There will be port-a-potties on site, but no running water
-               After the service we will have hot chocolate and snacks available

I am prayerful and hopeful to see as many of you that can make it this Wednesday evening.
In Christ,

Pastor Ryan






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